Join us for our annual kereru count!

Thu, 07 Feb 2013

February 24th - March 4th

We’re going to count the kereru in cities and towns all over New Zealand. Kids, parents and grandparents - we need you all to help!

Kereru. Photo: Michael Hamilton

Why should I count Kereru?

Kereru are important for keeping our forests healthy. They are the only birds that can spread the seeds of native trees that have very big fruit, like tawa, miro, taraire and karaka. We want to know where the Kererū are in New Zealand and if there are places where we can help them by planting more food trees or controlling their  predators.

What do I have to do?

It’s easy! Between the 24th of February  - March 4th 2013, count any kererū in your garden, local park, reserves and school grounds.

We need to know:
1) Where you spotted the kererū
2) How many kererū you saw
3) What they were doing
4) If they were eating, what plant was it? 

5) Then enter results at

To find out more about kereru go here 


 Thanks to Jesi Matchham, Gary Healey, Steve Attwood and Robert Bell for supplying us with pics of kereru for this project!